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Frequently Asked Questions

  • HOW BIG IS THIS INDUSTRY? "Can it support the growth of my franchise?"
    The American Trucking Association forecasts there will be over $1,400,000,000,000 (That’s Over 1.4 Trillion Dollars!) worth of freight that will be transported annually throughout North America in 2024! There are over 340,000 loads being moved every day, 1,700,000 loads every week, 6,800,000 loads a month, and over 82,750,000 loads a year! There is room for every logistics company! INVEST NOW
  • What is a Freight Brokerage?
    Freight brokers act as freight logistics intermediaries between; "Shippers needing to move their cargo, and the Carriers (trucking companies) that have the means to do so; The freight broker then receives a commission for their service. The industry of freight brokering is very simple for individuals who can multi-task efficiently. The broker simply finds a reputable motor carrier who will transport the cargo according to the requirements set forth by the shipper. Transportation brokers utilize shipper and carrier databases, and other technological resources to locate those that will benefit from their services. Several companies find the services provided by freight brokers indispensable. In fact, some companies hire freight brokers to coordinate all their shipping needs. Many freight brokers gain experience in the industry by working for a shipper or carrier as a freight agent. In this way, an aspiring broker can learn knowledge of the industry, as well as establish a network of business contacts.. INVEST NOW
  • What Are The Benefits of Being a Haul Aboard Logistics Franchise Owner?
    Haul Aboard Logistics is professionally managed by; RBBS LLC Corporate Consulting for Freight Brokerage Start-ups They will show you step by step how to implement our operational business model and share with you the most effective strategies that will enable you to become wealthy in this industry. Operate Under Our Authority. Bond and Insurance Start A Freight Broker Agency with Minimum Cost Recruit And Hire Your Own Agents Build A Family Business & Leave A Legacy Minimal Expenses That Yield Big Revenue (You Have Nothing to Lose) No Degree Required Be Your Own Boss Work Virtually from Anywhere in the World INVEST NOW
  • HOW DOES BROKERING WORK? "What's the Process?"
    Find a customer known as a shipper or manufacturer such as Coca Cola, Target, Publix, etc and obtain a Property Broker & Shipper Agreement Place the loads on the top load boards; "Truck Stop and DAT" After the load is placed on load boards, carriers (trucking companies) will call you to book the load. You must do your due diligence by checking the carriers safety score. After checking the carrier’s score, you may or may not have to negotiate on the rate – IT'S IMPORTANT TO BE A SALES PROFESSIONAL. "In your negotiation with the carrier, you must first do your research on the lane rates from pick-up location to destination. You should always begin negotiations at a lower rate. If you start off with a high rate, you can never come down. Remember, never give away all your profits. You are entitled to make money as a freight broker. Every broker should average between a 15-20% profit margin on each load. You should always aim for more than 20%. When you find the right carrier, the carrier will sign the Property Broker & Carrier Agreement if it’s the Carrier’s first time doing business with Haul Aboard Logistics. Once a carrier signs the Property Broker & Carrier Agreement, they won’t have to sign it again. The carrier’s dispatch will more than likely be the point of contact and communication. The dispatch will send the Rate Confirmation to the driver which will include the date & time of the pickup & delivery, the location, and the amount of the load. *Brokers should never tell the drivers how much the load is actually paying. You should then ask the dispatcher the ETA for the driver to pick up the load. If the dispatcher does not answer the phone, you may then contact the driver. You will only contact the driver if it's necessary to obtain an ETA. As you get closer to the delivery, you will have to contact dispatch again for another ETA for the delivery. The driver will be responsible for sending the Bill of Lading (Proof of Delivery) to the company he works for and they will invoice Haul Aboard themselves or through their factoring company. IMPORTANT: DRIVERS MUST SEND LEGIBLE COPIES IN ORDER FOR THE CARRIER TO BE COMPENSATED FOR THEIR SERVICES. If the driver or carrier submits a bad PDF or photo, they will be required to resubmit a more legible document. INVEST NOW
  • Who Would Be An Ideal Haul Aboard Franchise Owner? "Is this right for me?"
    Our franchise owner program is for individuals who desire to earn up to $2,500 a day or more! We're seeking to partner with aspiring entrepreneurs who desire to earn high six and seven figure incomes. INVEST NOW
  • Do I have to have my own trucks to be a franchise owner?
    No: You do not have to have your own trucks to become a franchise owner. You'll be able to make use of trucks within our carrier group network; which consists of more than 100,000 trucks at present and other carriers to help transport the freight that you obtained from your customers. INVEST NOW
  • Can I do this part time?
    You can, however; you may not experience as much success as someone who works full time. Our Freight Brokerage Management Firm Will Assist You with Running The Day to Day Operations of Your Haul Aboard Branch Agency at No Extra Cost RBBS LLC has a background in Freight Brokerage Firm Operations, Auto Haul Operations, Logistics and Freight Industry, Executive Level Brokerage Firm Management, Executive Recruiting, Freight Broker Training, Corporate Growth Strategies, Dynamic Compensation Stability Strategies, Executive Leadership Coaching, Sales, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Strategic Corporate Expansion. ​ We can serve as corporate management and provide assistance with the day to day operations of your Haul Aboard Logistics Branch Agency. To include: The training of your agents, implementation of performance based residual compensation, enhancement of revenue thus increasing productivity and efficiency; Contract us to assist you with running your brokerage branch agency and you can focus on choosing your next vacation destination. INVEST NOW
  • How Much Money Can I Make As A Haul Aboard Logistics Franchise Owner And How Does Compensation Work?
    Some franchise owners will earn up to $3,731.25 a day and the more customers you obtain, the more you will earn. All franchise owners will receive a base 24.875% and as much as 52.125% of the gross profit revenue "The Brokers Fee". Most accounts (Publix, Walmart, Target, etc) will profit anywhere between $52,000-$104,000 monthly! As a franchise owner with only one account, that's between $12,935.00-$25,870.00 with just one account. If you obtain five accounts, that’s a monthly income between $64,675-$129,350.00 in your account! That’s a yearly income between $776,100.00-$1,552,200.00 Quick example for one account: You book 8 loads a day at $1500. The gross profit will be $12,000 a day, however, you will not be able to keep the full $12,000 because we have to pay the trucking company to deliver the load. Let’s say the trucking company (carrier) agrees to deliver the freight for $1,000 for each of the 8 loads. We now have expenses of $8,000, however, with no risks, your brokerage franchise just made $4,000; After paying your franchise operating expenses your cut is 24.875% = $995.00 pure profit a day from just one account. – this is The Haul Aboard Logistics Franchise Opportunity! Please note that booking 8-10 loads a day is the industry average for a single broker. There are some broker franchises booking 25 - 50 plus loads a day. INVEST NOW
  • When will I get paid as a franchise owner?
    You'll be compensated via direct deposit when the Rate Con, Bill of Lading, and invoice have all been approved by the shipper. Please note: On average it takes shippers 30-90 days to make payments. Most of the time we'll have to factor your payment with our factoring company where they charge on average 3% of the transaction but payments are completed within 3 to 5 business days. INVEST NOW
  • What Expenses Will I Have to Face As A Franchise Owner/Agency?
    Your $199 Monthly Franchise Fee Covers All Your Expenses Covers the cost to brand your business. That's $125 a month value on average. Covers Professional Digital Business Cards & Marketing Announcing that You’re A Franchise Owner – $150 Value Covers Professional Email Address for the Whole Year: $75 Value Covers Toll Free Business Phone Number: $75/month Value Covers AscendTMS Login Subscriptions: $99/Monthly Value *Your $199 Monthly Franchise fee will be billed via an Auto Pay Monthly Subscription to your debit or credit card. INVEST NOW
  • Will I have my own website as a franchise owner?
    Yes. All franchise owners will have a dedicated website with the same features as Haul Aboard Logistics' corporate site. INVEST NOW
  • How Much Do I Need to Invest?
    For a Limited Time - Haul Aboard Logistics Franchise Enrollment/Set-up Fee - $2,500.00 With a monthly Franchise Fee of $199 monthly Note: Franchise Enrollment Fee As low as $87/mo with Affirm FREIGHT BROKER FRANCHISES CAN EARN $3K TO $5K A DAY OR MORE Once we reach 25 Franchise Owners, the franchise set-up fee will increase to $5,000 and $399 monthly; So you might want to go ahead and invest now before the fee increases. INVEST NOW
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