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We Provide The Broker Credentials; You Build A Book of Business &


But Without The High Start-up Cost, Learning Curve or Shippers Seasoning Requirements

Just $2,500.00 Branch Agency Enrollment Starting at $87/mo or 0% APR with Affirm.
Monthly Branch Agency Operating Fee of Only $199 Monthly.

We'll provide all the broker credentials, show you step by step how to implement our operational business model and share with you the most effective strategies that will enable you to become wealthy in this industry.
  • Operate Under Our Authority. Bond and Insurance
  • Start A Freight Broker Agency with Minimum Cost
  • Build A Family Business & Leave A Legacy
  • Minimal Expenses That Yield Big Revenue (You Have Nothing to Lose)
  • No Degree Required
  • Recruit and Hire Your Own Agents
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Work Virtually from Anywhere in the World


Our Freight Brokerage Management Firm Can Assist You with Running The Day to Day Operations of Your Haul Aboard Branch Agency at No Extra Cost
"Limited 4 to 6 Branch Agencies Per State"

Premier Haul Aboard Logistics Branch Agency

  • Some branch owners will earn up to $3,731.25 a day and the more customers you obtain, the more you will earn.


    All premier branch owners will receive a base commission of 24.875% of the gross profit revenue "The Brokers Fee".

    Note: Premier Branch Agency Owner commissions can be as high as 52.125% of "The Brokers Fee"

    Most accounts like (Publix, Walmart, Target, etc) will profit anywhere between $52,000-$104,000 monthly!

    As a branch owner with only one account, that's between $12,935.00-$25,870.00 with just one account. If you obtain five accounts, that’s a monthly income between $64,675-$129,350.00 in your account!

    That’s a yearly income between $776,100.00 - $1,552,200.00

    Quick example for one account:

    You book 8 loads a day at $1500. The gross profit will be $12,000 a day, however, you will not be able to keep the full $12,000 because we have to pay the trucking company to deliver the load.

    "Let’s say the trucking company (carrier) agrees to deliver the freight for $1,000 for each of the 8 loads. We now have expenses of $8,000, however, with no risks, your brokerage franchise just made $4,000"

    After paying your branch agency operating expenses your cut is 24.875% = $995.00 pure profit a day from just one account. – this is The Haul Aboard Logistics Branch Agency Owner Opportunity!

    Please note that booking 8-10 loads a day is the industry average for a single broker.

    There are some industry broker branches booking 25 - 50 plus loads a day.
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